Dr. Radhika Malik Kukreja

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Dr. Radhika Malik Kukreja

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The testimonials we receive from our customers are what make us strive to constantly work hard and keep upgrading our clinic to provide the best services always.

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Since childhood, I have heard my parents complaining about how painful it is to sit in a dentist's chair. If you do not brush, we will take you to the Dentist. So, I always did my best to keep my teeth clean. Yet, recently there was a need to get the root canal done. Dr. Radhika made me comfortable and answered all my questions before making me sit on the dreaded chair. Yet, I kept waiting for when it will hurt so much that I will scream, but that moment never came. I must say Thank You, Dr. Radhika, for restoring my faith in painless dentist appointments.
Abhishek Ghosh
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I am not proud of my tobacco habits and can't go on without drinking a few coffee cups. So, it has left me with strains on my teeth, which of late were the first thing people noticed about me. I saw Dentales clinic on my way to work and decide to take a consultation. Dr. Radhika made it so easy for me to understand the importance of oral hygiene and how I was risking my future teeth. I got my teeth cleaning done by Dr. Radhika, and I am feeling much more confident. I have promised to keep coming back every six months for examination.
Ridhima Sharma
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I have a gap between my teeth, which has been continuously increasing in the last 5-6 years. So much so anyone I have met after a long period has mentioned it. I procrastinated until the Covid vaccination was out, but my younger sister got engaged, and I could not attend her wedding while being conscious. A friend who got her mother's Dental crowns at Dentales recommended me to Dr. Radhika Kukreja. I can't say what impressed me more, the utmost care clinic took to ensure covid does not spread at her clinic or the results after I got my Veneering done, from taking a single appointment to thoroughly sanitizing before and after every patient to wearing protective gear and providing same to patients. I felt this was the most secure facility at the time of covid. And the icing on the cake was how I looked in Mirror. Every time someone praised my looks at the wedding, I thanked Dr. Radhika in my heart.
Navneet Kaur
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I wanted to take my daughter to a Dentist, and I told her I am taking her to Dentales, and she quipped, "Oh, you mean like Duck Tales." If you want to take your child to a Dentist and live in Kalkaji or around, don't even think twice before choosing Dentales. Dr. Radhika is natural at making children comfortable, unlike another Dentist in the neighborhood. I actually saw frowning when my daughter's natural instincts made her sway her head a few times. Dr. Radhika played with her for 15 mins before making her comfortable. Throughout the surgery, she made my daughter look at the screen that showed inside her mouth when she was working on her. My daughter kept talking about her experience all the way home. Thanks, Dr. Radhika.

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Covid Precautions at the Clinic

COvid protocols

Dentales adhere to stringent Covid Protocols specified by Indian Dental Association (IDA) and Center of Disease Control(CDC)


Fumigation and Sterilization of center is done after every patient and before we let in a new patient.



Appointments are fixed to avoid overlaps. At no given time, there are more than two patients allowed in the clinic.


PPEs are used while performing all clinical activities. And once used they are disposed i safe and hyginic manner.

Covid Precautions with the Patient

Temperature Check

Thermal scanning using a non-contact infrared thermometer done for everyone who enters the clinic.


The patient is draped in a disposable full apron to ensure full safety of the patient.

Oxygen levels

Blood oxygen level is checked with a pulse oximeter for every patient


Head and Shoe covers, as well as gloves, are provided to every patient.

Dr. Radhika Malik Kukreja

You know you are in good hands when your dentist has expertise and experience. Dr. Radhika Malik Kukreja specializes in complex root canal treatments, retreatment of failed root canal cases, root resorption and severely infected cases, veneers, full mouth rehabilitation cases, post and core of fractured teeth, complex restorations, etc. She always provides her patients with the best dental services most comfortably and painlessly, keeping in mind the patient’s dental harmony. Her patients love her for being polite as well as sound and quick with her work. They mostly appreciate her easy approachability and genuine concern for their health.

Academic History

Years Experience

Happy Patients

Painless Root Canals

Dental Implants

  • Better accuracy
  • Less radiation
  • Progress Tracking
  • Quicker Treatment
Intra Oral Camera
  • Early detection
  • Convinient diagnosis
  • Transparent Patient Education
  • Improves Accuracy
  • Less chair time
  • Accurate Shaping
  • Saves Time
  • Less chair time
  • Accurate Shaping
  • Saves Time